Classic, vintage, timeless, shabby chic – whatever you call them, antiques can be truly beautiful and soulful. They connect us to those who have come before, who have lived different lives. When we save, restore and preserve items from the past, whether porcelain or jewelry or buildings, it is about giving: giving to art, to history – to the future. We are creating a legacy for our children, so that they may understand where they came from. We are treasuring beauty, so that we can gift it to the next generation. For when you have an antique, you never truly ‘own’ it; you are merely its custodian, charged with its protection. In this way, Spectraingot remains a global marketplace for unique and creative goods.

Doing out the sale of exceptional vintage things all through the nation. Dealing with an alluring collection of antiques, handicrafts, souvenirs and ancient memorabilia from all across the world and India. Rare antiques like religious artifacts, ancient brass embedded craft jewel boxes, remarkably devoted statues, wood carvings, adornments, glass, Bronze vessels, hand cut wooden end tables, wooden boxes from China, Chinese porcelain, Japanese sculptures, and French and Italian glass and a group of different decorations
and ceramic merchandise are bought and sold here.