SERVICEPrecious Stones/ Gem Trade

The path to a career in the gem trade is definitely a confusing thing. You have many choices to make about schools and different areas of the trade. It’s not always so easy to offer helpful guidance there sustains Spectraingot.

The Tier System

Tier 1 – Sellers of rough and first generation cut materials (gems) to the other tiers
Tier 2 -Buyers for cartels and corporate entities
Tier 3 – Buyers for collectors. Buys the best quality and, generally, the rarest gem materials
Tier 4-A – These dealers have some fine goods to support their credibility in the “Gem Trade Industry,” they focus on “commercial gems.”
Tier 4-B – Primarily singular entities, these gem dealers focus on sales and accessing special stones for retailers who need a particular piece for a client’s request.
Tier 5 – These retail buyers purchase through dealers, shows, and estate sellers (both commercial and private). They sell exclusively to the retail consumer.

Off the above tier system, we resume ours as in tier 3, concentrating only on genuine, rare, antique, best quality gem trade.